Best of the Healing World: April 9th - 16th
First off, a couple of things.

Next week my mother is coming to stay with me for a few days, and I also start my new job (yeah, I know I said that last week... I have a bad habit of going into a new job a week early on accident >.<) so next week will likely be light on posts unless I get some substantial time over the weekend to schedule the 20 different drafts I have half-written.

Also, uhm, has anyone else noticed that my blog is now titled "Full Healing Blogroll" on google reader? I'm sorta weirded out by this, and have no idea how to change it. I'm assuming it started about the time I made my full healing blogroll post - any thoughts on how to fix it so that it shows Miss Medicina again?

As if you didn't know... more cataclysm class preview changes this week! Therefore, Druids and Pallies get the most attention for this week, just as Priests and Shammies got more last week.

DruidUnless you've been buried under a tree (I'm so full of funny), you know the Druid Class Preview Changes for Cataclysm have been released. There are a lot of angry trees storming around right now! Here are a few of the best analyses of the tentative upcoming changes:


  • Wik at Holyform wants us priests to just take a breather, and stop hatin' on Leap of Faith - and I agree with him. I don't think I really made it very clear in my post where I discussed LoF, but I'm actually pretty excited about the spell. If anyone tries to say something like "omg healer! why didnt you yank me out of the fire?!!?!" I probably won't notice, because I won't be paying attention to dumb. I'm excited to see all the different cool ways LoF can be used!


  • Great stat tips from Zabery for healing Valithria Dreamwalker. I especially Zabery's list of other classes that have abilities that can help you do your job even better.
Yup, Pallies got their Cataclysm Class Preview changes as well, so here are some thoughts from the blogosphere:


Crossovers - I'm a big proponent of the idea of perspective. A good healer in a raid has a basic understanding of their entire healing team, and the synergy between themselves and the other healing classes. That was the entire purpose of the healing questionnaire, and it's also the reason I make these Friday healing world posts. So, I especially enjoy posts where folks who play one healing class predominantly try out another class. They sure are a fun read!

This post took me 4 hours to write, in one sitting. ahmahgah
4 Responses
  1. Shayzani Says:

    You still show up as Miss Medicina in my Google reader.

  2. Zelmaru Says:

    The titles in google reader, I believe, are totally client-side, and they don't update even when the blog does (I've seen blogs change names and the title in my google reader does NOT). Just click on the arrow like you're going to put it in a folder and rename it.

  3. Bri Says:

    While not strictly a new healing spell, I wonder how many extra tank deaths Heroic Leap will be responsible for in 5-mans, for the Warrior who insists on leaping out of his healer's range into a group of mobs? Or should I just Leap of Faith him back? Then the DK can Death Grip the mobs to us and the Hunter can Disengage back before the Elemental Shaman Thunderstorms them away again ...

    *slumps to the floor keening over visions of Super Mario Bros:Warcraft Edition*

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You are still Miss Medicina in my google reader. I do know that the google account holder can rename any subscription if that helps.

    Also, thank you for the link!


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