Rainbow Circles!
Instead of actually finishing up the bajillion half written posts I have that I lost interest in, I thought it would be fun if I just presented small portions of them to you, and have you tell me in the comments wtf you think the point of it was supposed to be.

Case in point. Observer the rainbow bubbles below, and you tell me, dear readers, what post you think I was writing to go with this fabulous diagram I spent hours upon hours getting drawn properly.

10 Responses
  1. Redbeard Says:

    How not to die in a fire?

    You know, the inner circle is the boss, the slightly larger circle is where the tank is, the DPS just beyond that, and the olive circle is the green goo on the floor. Yellow is AOE range, and red is where the Healer should stand.

    Either that or it's a target to destroy Barney the Dinosaur (the big purple thing in the middle).

  2. Gambala Says:

    Looks like a rifle scope a rainbow warrior would use?

  3. Vok Says:

    It's clearly the circle of classes, each class closer to the middle being better than the outer. In inner circle is purple, not pink, to show that even though Paladin's think they are the number one class, they stand in the shadow of the superior Shaman class.


  4. Hugmenot Says:

    Epeens, definitely epeens.

    Purple is the favorite color (young) girls with no epeens. Yellow is a sign your epeen is getting too big. Red is a sign your epeen has gotten too big.

    I bet you "lost interest" in the post when you thought about the repercussions of putting other bloggers' name outside the red circle.

    Smart move!

  5. Klepsacovic Says:

    Destructive and radiation effects at various ranges from a nuclear blast, assuming no wind.

  6. Maebius Says:

    I was going to guess relative number of a particular class in a random PUG.

    Red (deathKaniggits) are most numerous and have the larger circle.

    But the yellow rogues just inside that blows my theory up. I don't see many rogues. Hmm....

    Maybe "Classes in a random Pug that don't know how to manage aggro!" Yeah, lets go with that

  7. Issy Says:

    Hmm, let's see.. you have been decorating, you like to do things yourself..
    Is it the design for a rug?

  8. Fuubaar Says:

    It's a Ven Diagram of everyone who loves me :D

    Everything inside of the red cicle is my posse!

    OK.. ok. Circles... Think Circles.

    How about you maping out what the bruises look like from when you punch Boingo in the face everytime he dies from the Big Ooze on Rotface?

    No? Well then I have no idea.

    <3 Fuu

  9. Beth Says:

    Lich King fight?

  10. I'm going to guess you're illustrating various range distances on our priest spells?

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