Off Topic, but hilarious
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  1. Dwism Says:

    I am not giggling... not even the least, i SWEAR ^^

  2. Redbeard Says:


    Just.... wow.

  3. Kulat/Kriyet Says:

    You are responsible for at least 10 minutes cleaning my morning coffee off the keyboard.

    Thanks for a giggly start to my day.

  4. Klepsacovic Says:

    I also would be concerned if my child in junior high was licking camel toads.

  5. Juzaba Says:

    Those are the camels with the two humps as opposed to the one hump, right?

  6. Aryas Says:

    What do you suppose an actual camel toad looks like.

  7. B_Dragon Says:

    I can only offer my sincerest, most humble /facepalm in the face of said question about 'camel toads'.

    /sincerest and most humble facepalm

  8. Eus Says:

    Um, well, *sigh*, *clear throat*, wow. So, is that what the kids are calling it these

  9. icbleu Says:

    Oh my... please put disclaimers on things like that. I was drinking COFFEE!! haha <3

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