Aion, E-Peen Epiphany, and Introducing FABULOSEAUX
Yes, yes, Christmas was good. I spent most of it around the house with my fiance, enjoying being lazy and trying out a new game. I've been struggling to put together something reasonably coherent lately, and I have no idea why. I'm sure I'll be back on track in no time.

I finished my internship (hurrah!) and now I realize just how much time I spent at work doing blogging stuff. Because now that I have "free time" I'm spending a lot more of it actually playing the game instead of writing or reading about it.

I have focused most of my writing here on World of Warcraft, with a touch of D&D 4e here and there, but depending on how things go with the newest addition to my gaming aresenal, I may begin to include some information about healing in Aion. Expect a mini-review in the near future. That's not normally what I do here, but I'd like to believe I could provide a perspective on it that others might appreciate if you were interested at all in the game.

If you've been wanting to try Aion (like myself) but were waiting for NCSoft to make some kind of demo version available, well it's here, kinda. The North American release of Aion is about three months old now I think, and now they are offering a Refer a Friend program (finally!) which I've been waiting for since the game was released. I don't just buy games, I need to try them out first. I started on a Refer a Friend basis (provided by Fulguralis <3), style="font-weight: bold;">If you are interested in trying it out, but don't have any friends who play it, let me know, and I'll see if I can set something up for you.

That's enough Aion for the moment. I would like to share a story about more utter fail with you. I know how much you all truly enjoy hearing about my blatant stupidity at times, and I have a fresh epic story to share that simply cannot be ignored.

Sometime last week my fiance was telling me about his debate regarding buying the t9 stuff for his druid. I, assuming I was an expert on all these things of course, told him he could not get any t9 gear unless he ran ToC for the trophies.

"What are you talking about? There's a vendor right here that sells it all for badges."

"No there isn't - he requires you to have trophies too in order to buy them."

"Where are you buying your gear? The guy right outside ToC sells them for badges alone."

"....No he... No, see the... WHAT?!"

See how quickly a pair of Dwarven legs can get you to the Argent Tournament grounds? Observe as all my badges are rapidly swept away to buy two pieces of t9 gear, and gold spent gemming them up, enchanting mats devoured in new enchants.

The entire time I have been going to the vendors in Dalaran to purchase my Badge of Triumph gear, never registering that somewhere in the lands of Icecrown, a lonely vendor stood, awaiting my arrival and my purchases in order to feed his growing family. Instead, I bemoaned my three pieces of t8 gear, weeping over my inability to get a fourth piece to activate the awesomest 4 piece bonus ever for a Disc priest, wondering where on earth that lost rumor of t9 had gone. I had stopped doing random heroics because I didn't need the Triumph Badges anymore, and I didn't really understand why so many people were grinding them for so long, convincing myself that my gear was obviously just quite superior.

Thus, my e-peen epiphany that left me humbled, with a slightly flatter forehead from bashing it against the wall.

So, having given up on ever acquiring the elusive fourth piece of t8 (for now anyway), I am currently putting together the rest of my t9 set. Problem is, I hate grinding heroics. Other people hate grinding dailies, or crafts, or things like that, but for me it's heroics. They are usually incredibly boring to heal for me. I was into it for a little while as I learned the Disc routine, but now that I've pretty much got it down, no challenge remains for me unless it's in the new ICC dungeons.

Now for the third item on today's docket - my first RP character!


One of the best things about Aion is the amazing degree of customizability you get to use in designing your characters and even their gear. I imagine this will lead to a much stronger RP base in the Aion community. But you can't trump FABULOSEAUX, the true ladies' man. I mean, look at those kissable lips.

Yes, I see all the ladies in the audience attempting to still their trembling knees. Expect more FABULOSEAUX fabulosity in the coming weeks. He's a Priest as well, and is trying to earn the love of the elusive Snottydin, who he hears is a girl IRL, and can solo heal anything lol. He enjoys fine boxed wine and his own delicate limbs.

PS I know some of you are quite eloquent in French (I'm looking at you Ophelie!), I'd love to have some really stupid pickup lines in French. Don't tell Fabby I asked, by the way. This has nothing to do with him. Nothing at all.
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  1. Leon Says:

    First of all, OMG at Emblem of Triumph fail. That said. I did exactly the same.... and about Aion, I did but the game, and at the moment stopped my subscription because patch 3.3 came out.

    Sadly enough I fear the healing in Aion will be a bit limited. But I'll await your post about it ;)

  2. Kurnak Says:

    Well, you're not the only one. For some time I also thought the only stuff you could buy with EoTs was the gear provided by the Dalaran vendor, so I saved and saved for these 45 emblems shoulders to later discover the t9 were cheaper (30 emblems only) and more gear was available.
    Btw, just to save you from the same mistake, the t10 vendor is inside ICC (well, in fact there's a vendor for each class), so you need to be in a raid group to enter and purchase gear with EoFs. And while you're there bring some friends and clear the trash mobs until Lord Marrowgar, exit instance, reset it and go in again. Rinse and repeat until you're friendly with the Ashen Verdict and you'll get a nice ilevel 251 ring like Ashen Band of Wisdom. Upgradeable when you get more rep, just like the Violet Eye ring in Karazhan.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ok...Fabby is extremely, uh, effemenate! Actually, at first glance I thought he was a female with a mustache. I was a bit confused...but I was like, if MM likes it I can go with it!

    I love it!

  4. Tam Says:

    Oh la la la, Monsigneur Fabby...

    (Actually I'm with Beru, I thought he was a hot lesbian cross-dresser at first).

    The other thing about the Tier 9 badger-only gear is that it's slightly less good than the Tier 9 + trophy gear so it's basically Tier 9 from the bargain basement... Fell of the back of a kodo, mate, you can have it for 50 emblems of triumph, but that's cutting my own throat...

  5. Dw-redux Says:

    One look at Mr. Fab, and I immediately thought of Snottydin too. I blame Tam! :)

    Looking very much forward to your post about healing in aion :)

  6. Fuubaar Says:

    Very Hot Jess.

    I made my bank alt look like the Vampire from Twilight.

    Very yummy lol.

  7. Ophelie Says:

    How you've managed to be a raiding officer and not know about t9 is beyond me. I remember having discussion upon discussion with my guild about how t9 worked. Ah! Those things I don't miss at all!

    Pickup lines are really an Anglo thing. The few I've ever heard in French were direct translations. I suppose when we want to hit on people around here, we're a bit more direct! I can translate a few and email them to you, though. I'm sure no one would tell the difference.

  8. Zan Says:

    The face on that character disturbs me quite a bit. Holy uncanny valley, batman!

  9. Chirri Says:

    I really can't get over that face. I keep linking this post to friends just for the face. I love it. (this has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the post, either, aside from the character picture - I'm sorry O_o)

  10. @Chirri

    This entire post was an excuse to post that picture. Therefore, sending the link around just so people can look at FABULOSEAUX and his pretty puckered lips is perfectly acceptable.

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