Schadenfreudian Success
I'm not actually positive that I'm using the word Schadenfreude properly, but let's just go with it, shall we?

Sometimes the most exhilarating and entertaining moments in raiding are the ones where everyone dies a tragic and painful death. Or the ones where you're the only raider following proper procedure, and the other 24 players are mind controlled and chasing after you.

Some lovely examples include my fiance's first adventure into ToC on his mage. I told him specifically and repeatedly that if Icehowl decides he wants to charge you, you best gtfo of the way ASAP, or you can be the cause of the entire raid wiping. He reassured me that he understood completely. So imagine my surprise when the moment Icehowl targetted him, he hit Ice Block. After Icehowl enraged and we barely managed to tranquilize him and heal our tank through the damage, I leveled a very nasty glare at him. To which he responded, "What? I lived."

Until recently, the only way we'd managed to down Loken in heroic Halls of Lightning was if my fiance tanked on his DK, I healed, and we just two manned it. I would sit there bubbling, PoMing, and Binding Heal my way through everything until we FINALLY could take him down, while the three dpsers enjoyed the action view from the floor. He and I found it rather fun, though I doubt the others felt the same.

But by far, the all time best Schadenfreudian Success story I have is our very first defeat of Malygos. I documented it in greater detail previously (as did Fulguralis), but in brief, Malygos died a split second after the last living member of our raid bit the dust. The DoTs finished him off as she fell from her drake - in fact, had she not hit Slow Fall to lengthen the time it took for her face to meet the ground, I don't know if we would have received credit for the kill. Nothing quite like finishing off a boss with every single raid frame touting the grey box of death!

I suppose there are plenty of people who find stories of perfectly executed success much more interesting from a tactical and strategic standpoint, but to be honest, I'm not one of them. Sure, I want to know how to do it properly. But stories of poorly executed strategy combined with epic degrees of self deprecating fail are much more interesting to me. Especially when, in spite of all this and by some random fluke or stroke of luck, the ultimate goal is still accomplished. It's why so many of us enjoy PuG horror stories. It's why I get a lot more interest from people after sharing stories of my failpally - whether it be my attempts at DPS, or even at healing... let's face facts. I play my Paladin more for the fun of failing than anything else, because I just can't seem to get it right. I'm okay with that.

So... what about you? What are some of your best Schadenfreudian Success stories? The times where you were more entertained by all the utter awfulness around you, or where you managed to complete a raid goal by some infinitesimal margin of error? A glitch in the matrix? A lucky and timely last-ditch crit? Share them with me, I love hearing them. Leave them as a comment, or (if you have a blog) write about it there, and leave a comment here to encourage others to read it. After all, the tastiest success is the one that happens in spite of all our efforts!

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15 Responses
  1. I think the original meaning of "Schadensfreude" is, when something bad happen to somebody and you are happy about it.


  2. Matticus Says:

    A long time ago, when we were still learning fights, I went into Twins without picking up any of the essences. I wondered why I died.

  3. collin Says:

    Back when I led a Naxx 10 team last December we had a hoot watching people get owned by the Patchwerk slimes. There was this one human holy priest, Fuzzinator, who was especially loaded with fail on frogger. Every time he tried to run through we would all cross safeley, turn and watch him try to make it past. He'd misread one of them, it would pop, and we'd all hear "Oh- AUGH! Augh... oh..." and he'd explode in a brilliant flash of light and become his spirit form. Someone would head back in range, just inside one of the ranks of slimes to res him, then he'd fail again and touch another slime.

    Frogger homicide was most of the fun of Naxx.

  4. @Holger

    Well then, it fits. I love hearing about other people's miserable experiences whilst raiding!


    That is pretty epic. I don't even know what happens when you do that - is it just insta-death?


    Frogger was the worst boss in Naxx. Skill had nothing to do with it.. it was ALL about LAG.

  5. Askevar Says:

    Your Malygos story reminds me of one that happened to us back in Naxx25 - KT killed the tanks, and was wiping through the dps, he killed the last healer alive, a holy priest, and HE got a couple heals off on the last person alive [elemental shaman] long enough for the shammy to hit KT once more and they both died simultaneously. Epic silence as he died and then shouting and hollering and wooting everywhere. Had to run back in, but eh, he was finally dead!

  6. Fricassee Says:

    Early in 3.1 the guild was facing Emalon in VoA. We had done it several times before, so everyone knew the score, or at least they thought they did.

    We got him almost down and one of the adds started charging. No one called out what to do so half the guild tried to DPS Emalon down before the explosion, the other half tried to get the add down.

    I being one of the ones to switch to the add, I saw we weren't going to make it and blocked before the explosion. Everyone else died, but he was at such low life that dots killed him.

    I should have searched him while everyone was running back in.

  7. Nymarie Says:

    Watching a mage finish off a stunned enraged Icehowl was pretty epic.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Back in MrT, my pally killed off the 2nd bsos with, whatever that < 20% health hammer is called.

    And then joined everyone else in death.

    I also used to have a SS of a Vael kill in which only a handful of paladins lived...

  9. S€RD@R Says:

    In our guild we usually tend to do some fights in our way as we almost never execute strategies perfectly :) we call it "DS way" meaning Dark Serenity way.
    It usually means finishing off an encounter in the most possible chaotic way and of course without planning it.
    In Karazhan days we had 1 rogue and 1 priest taking down Shade of Aran all the way from somewhere around 20% hp (probably less as it has been a long time) or having our first Mally kill with 1 person flying away from Mally while the ticks killing him.
    Lots of memories with High King Maulgar pulls when we had decided to let the tank mage die couple times and laugh while we run out.

  10. erinys Says:

    Pretty much every one of our first kills has been a tribute to brute strength and stupidity over skill. The most memorable being our first Gruul kill in which we lost the tanks at around 8 percent, then everyone ran around like headless chickens dpsing as hard as possible. Much to everyone's surprise he died and only one of the paladins survived (proving how cockroachlike a class they are).

  11. Saunder Says:

    Well, Jess, lets just say my current blog post (posted before you wrote this) is a classic example of self-fail :)

  12. Ateve Says:

    I'll go old school, our first Rags kill (and 3rd on the server).

    We get him to 5%, he wipes us all, everyone cries. Then we realize that his health is not resetting, we assumed due to the AFK person we left at Majordomo.

    Druid runs back, steaths through the respawns, and rezzes a priest. 5 min later the raid is back up and we take down the fire lord for the first time.

    Luckily he went down easy the next week, I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to have a fluke kill then be unable to succeed any other way.

  13. Our first kill of Lord Jaraxxus 25 on Heroic. The add tank went down with far too many Infernals still alive. Jaraxxus is at six percent. We commence a full burn on Jaraxxus, as the healer just heal through the fel infernos. Jaraxxus goes down, cheers erupt in vent, then the last incinerate flesh, which the healer had completely forgot about goes off. I bubble, and chuckle as literally every other member of the raid dies a firey death.

    In the vein of your Malygos kill, there's this Heroic Anub video on Stratfu, which documents a kill that was attained through a Shaman anhking to allow one more tick of all the dots.

  14. jeffo Says:

    We set up a pull on Auriayah -- everyone but the tanks had retreated to the corner...except for our priest, who was jumping around like an ADD kid on a sugar high on the platform just behind the tanks. I said in vent 'Get in the corner', at least twice.

    He didn't.

    He died.

    I did not lift a finger to help him. No bubble, no heals (figured I couldn't spare them anyway), just got a perverse pleasure in watching his health hit zero almost instantly.

    We killed her anyway.

  15. Rades Says:

    I always enjoy the Halls of Stone experiences where you are defending the dwarf, and the entire party dies only to have him "tank" the last few seconds of the event and emerge victorious.

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