Updated Blogroll and the Missing Mortigan???
The aftermath of the Circle of Healers survey explosion left me with about 50 new blogs added to my google reader. I updated my blogroll then, initially including everyone who had responded to the survey... but then, as you might have noticed, the survey responses just kept on growing beyond the capacity of my posted blogroll.

I updated it this morning. While I'm not really that exclusive about the blogs pumped into my google reader, I didn't want to have a long list of recommended blogs. Basically, in the section for Circle of Healers, I wanted to include a selection of various healing classes (though with Healing Way shutting down, there is yet again a shortage of strong Resto Shammy bloggers).

The other thing I wanted to note is that I do not normally include big name blogs on my blogroll, though there are some exceptions. I love BBB and Pink Pigtail Inn and read them religiously - but I sort of assume that if you are reading this blog, you already know about them, and don't really need my recommendation. I prefer to point you in the direction of some possibly lesser known blogs that you might not have found otherwise, because I personally think these writers are fantastic. I based this on number of subscriptions via google reader, so I could be completely off.

Whether it be pure entertainment value from Tamarind, thought provoking posts from Rejuvo, handy tips from The Bossy Pally, or some hardcore theorycrafting explanation from MoarHPS, my hope is that you will find every site I link from my blogroll to be not only clearly and well written, but also a solid resource on some level. These are my favorites for good reason!

ETA: WHERE IS MORTIGAN THE LOCK?!!?!? I went to his blog this morning to add it to this post as one of my favorites... and it's GONE!!! Has anyone heard from him? Now I'm really worried. Send out the search parties!!!
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7 Responses
  1. Vespers Says:

    Looks like he had a daughter a couple of weeks ago...

    In the google cache:

    Gratz Mortigan!

  2. @Vespers

    I knoooow and I was so excited about it! She's adorable.

    However, sometime in the past week he deleted his blog AND his twitter account, and I just noticed it today. I'm thinking maybe it's related to potentially new priorities most likely revolving around the brand new level 1 female warrior?

  3. Jacko Says:

    Resto Shaman here and I know what you mean about the lack of blogs on that healing class. First Earth Shields and HoTs, now Healing Way...so sad! Check out this new resto shammy blog if you haven't yet: lifeingroup5.com

  4. @Jacko

    Ooooo good one... I'm reading through all his posts now. I think I've found my new gem of a blog, this guy is awesome!

    Thanks so much!

  5. Presaya Says:

    I also went to check out Mortigan's blog and saw that it wasn't there. :| I thought maybe I was just not in the loop! Turns out he's just gone!

    Let's blow this popsicle stand!

  6. LarĂ­sa Says:

    Good grief! I'm mentioned in the same category as BBB!!! That's like... really awesome. A gold medal. Huge hugs!

    I just realized that your blog isn't on my roll, which is a shame and will be dealt with asap.

    I have a rather extensive blogroll mixing totally unknown blogs with classics - for my own convenience, since it helps me see who has updated recently.

    And I agree SO much about your philosophy to give linkage to less known blogs. I also try to toss out some comments to the ones who rarely get any. I know hom much it means when you're a fresh blogger, looking for your own voice and and audience...

  7. Vixsin Says:

    @ Jacko & Miss M (and everyone else who has been reading) - thanks for the support and the amazing compliments on lifeingroup5.com! I'll try to keep the good content rolling.

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