PuGs, Scams, and Priests... Oh My!
I think I've been found out. They must know that I'm a closet blogger around here, because suddenly I have a lot more work than the past two months. So, I'm going to try and sneak in another mini-post with some "lazy link" action. Personally, it's not so much laziness as sneakiness. Dude, I'm a dwarf, I don't do sneaky well (don't even get me started on Dwarf rogues).

  • Verile over at Rejuvo made a short post regarding her (crap, his? OH SEXUALLY AMBIGUOUS INTERNET HANDLES I LOATHE THEE) feelings about PuG raids. I have yet to make my big post about how pugs are awesome and everyone else is just a whiny-face, but Verile does a really job of succinctly covering a similar attitude about them. Check it.
  • Presaya at Balance of Power scared the holy nova out of me with this screenshot of a scam email she received (again, ambiguity, le sigh). This thing is very believable folks - scammers are getting very good at what they do, it's no longer just some level 1 warrior named JXHEWWWUIF in Stormwind spamming trade. Seriously, keep an eye out - because what Presaya posted would fool most folks - myself included. Good thing I never remember to pay attention to anything in my inbox anyway.
  • I have rediscovered a priest blog that I think I found a month or two ago and just forgot to add to my google reader that I absolutely love... OMG..Priest! has all kinds of actually very useful stuff! She (he? DAMMIT) is currently working on a "heal through ToC" series that appears to be focused towards holy priests - and it's pretty good. Also, the oops-I-wiped-the-raid confessional post is my new favorite. Now, everyone go clicky those links and bring Exanna over here to say hi in a comment <3

Oh also, I found Presaya's posted screenshot of that scam email so interesting that I issue a challenge to you readers - do you have any screenshots of scam emails you've received? Email them to missmedicina at gmail dot com (go ahead and blur out you email address and names if you like) and if I get more than 3 different scam screenshots via email, I'll see if I can get a screenshot of an authentic Blizz email, and make a little game out of it.
5 Responses
  1. Verile Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Verile is a he :)

  2. Exanna Says:

    And Exanna is a she! LOL Thanks for the shout-out. I love your blog and think it's uber cool. I am tackling Anub'arak next. Happy Raiding!

  3. Uskan Says:

    Tried to post a comment on the post at OMG.. but got error 492. Couldnt find any contactinfo on the site so thats why i comment here.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nothin' wrong with lazy links ;-)

    Gobble gobble.

  5. Presaya Says:

    Aw, thanks for the link-love Miss Medicina!! :D

    And believe me, that email scared the crap out of me to!


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