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First, the requisite "What I Did On Patch Day" component.

When I left work on Tuesday, I went straight to the store, bought "Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince" on DVD, and watched it twice before going to bed early. While watching my movie, I logged on to wow only to throw some new glyphs and items on the AH. Turns out this was a very smart thing to do, as I somehow raked in 2k gold in that one night, and I'm notoriously bad at making money via the AH. I had no desire to deal with too much patch drama after a long day at work.

Yesterday I woke up early, and decided there was no way I was venturing out into the awful outdoors because it was all cold and wet and stuff. I had told Ful I had no plans to stay home the day after the patch was released, but I'm finnicky and change my mind at the drop of a hat. Call it spontaneous if you like. Sorry, Ful. I slept most of the day anyway.

I enjoyed the new LFG tool. I ran the new dungeons several times on regular, so that I would not be saved when my guildies logged on later, in hopes we could run heroic versions then. Unfortunately, that did not happen - when a few of my guildmates logged on, we decided to try it on regular first. Despite breezing through it in pugs, we really struggled last night as a group. I think part of it was being tired, part of it was group makeup. I don't know.

Now I'm trying to assemble the perfect ICC 10 man group. Headaches galore.

This post is so booooring that it's putting me to sleep. So you get a pass for skimming through it amongst the other 127 blog posts about first day patch impressions!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, since I've logged on, I've been devouring first patch day impressions posts - I've decided it's the best way to play! All the fun, none of the bugs.

    Also, that's vaguely spooky (just ignoring the subject of the post completely...) - M'Pocket Tank and I bought Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on DVD the other night as well. We kind of, well, hate Harry Potter - with the kind of dark passion you can only feel for something you once really loved.

    But, God, the movie was fantastic - I despised the book but they somehow brought an amazingly dark and intense story about corruption, growing up, loss and deception out of 800 flabby pages. How did they do that?

    And I LOVED what they did with Sluhorn - turning him from this abject caricature to this wonderfully subtle and complex character.

    Sorry I'm going on about it, but it completely shocked me. I loved the look of it as well - like a 1940s war movie. So clever.

    I feel more positive towards Harry Potter than I have for *years*

  2. @Tam

    Half blood prince is my favorite book in the series... and I think it's because I actually "read" the entire series all at once, and by "read" I mean I listened to Jim Dale read it on audiobook. He won a grammy for it, for very good reason - he gave a darkness and depth to HBP that only a real master can pick up from the text itself.

    Slughorn is one of my favorites. Before he came along, there was always the question "what would a non-evil Slytherin look like?", and Slughorn is the answer - which is why I love his movie portrayal! Sure, he's wimpy, and plays favorites, but he feels so much remorse for what he's done, and it's obvious that he adored Lily, and many of his other students.

    There were a couple of awkwardly acted scenes, but yes - the whole movie suddenly screamed "I'm no longer a kids' series!". The colors were fantastic, the scenery, the drama... Definitely the best movie yet, IMO.

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