Some Days You're the Dog, Some Days You're the Hydrant
I wanted to get one of my fiance's toons through the ICC5 man questline, so several of us in our guild decided to run through the three ICC dungeons on heroic. Unfortunately, I'd already run the first two on heroic, so I was saved on my priest. You know what comes next.

I had no choice but to bring out the RETPALLYOFDOOM. Our resident shammy did the healing, and we pugged the fifth slot.

To the hunter who joined us, thank you for your patience. You must have thought we were awful. Of course, the four of us were chatting in guild chat and vent, but our pugged fifth had no idea we were all talking. At some point in the beginning of the run, I noticed the hunter was inspecting me, and I figured "oh here comes the schpeel." But she never said a thing.

And five minutes later, I looked at my own gear, and noticed I was wearing my holy set, not my ret set.

As per my typical Pally rotation (Judge -> Divine Storm -> Die) i spent a lot of time facedown on the floor. No, I did not get out of whirlwinds. Whenever there was bad stuff on the floor, I was most likely standing in it. Also, I was never attacking the right guy. Again, I just flailed my axe around wildly, thankful that Gordin is a Dwarf and therefore short, and hoping I hit something that was unfriendly. (Part of the reason why I'm so awful at melee is that I just can't make any sense of stuff that's happening right on top of me, i.e. in melee range - I need to be at a distance from it. That's my excuse anyway)

But the hunter never said a critical word. Her DPS was three times as high as mine, and I also kept forgetting to give her the proper Might buff, because I hadn't loaded PallyPower.

In fact, she even joined us in the next heroic, Pit of Saron. She wasn't especially talkative (but of course, neither were we in party chat, since we were talking in vent), but whenever she spoke, she was very friendly and polite.

The whole time I failed miserably, I wanted to shriek "No really! I'm not an awful player! I have a priest, and I swear she's really good! IM NOT A TOTAL FAILURE I SWEAR", but I resisted the urge.

We parted ways after the second instance so that I could jump on my priest, and we could do some other group changes, since GordinDwarfTank had to leave.

And as the hunter left the party, I thought to myself, "What a great pug." She likely had run through these heroics multiple times at a much higher speed, with much fewer deaths. She was possibly very frustrated with my failness. But she never said a critical word, and instead just went cheerfully about her business. Maybe somewhere right now she's writing a blog post about this truly awful ret pally she met in a pug the other day... and I wouldn't blame her.

So let me just take a moment to thank our Shammy who was healing, and hopefully laughing at my utter failure, and not cursing me. And also to you, anonymous pugged hunter. Thanks for your patience, and for not pointing out how much I suck. I will never forget your kindness - and I have no doubt you will earn your "The Patient" title!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    +1. I liked that hunter. Her DPS was so high I (Gordin the Dorf Tankaroo) had to put Vigilance on her instead of our healer to reduce her threat and add to mine. I like to think people get pissed when there is superdickery. There is no real reason to get angry over an honest mistake. We are adults. We don't act like twits and we don't condescend (did I just make that up?)the common mistake. I think she felt the vibe. All in all, we did pretty well.

    -Gordin of Lothar

  2. Zigi Says:

    I've also been super pleased with how civil people have been in random PUGs.

    I was worried it would be "Battlegrounds part 2".

  3. Fuubaar Says:

    "Her DPS was three times as high as mine, and I also kept forgetting to give her the proper Might buff, because I hadn't loaded PallyPower."


  4. @Fuu


    I just had it turned off because i was having add on problems and i didnt want to log off in the middle of the heroic run in order to fix it and im sooooo sorry! /weep

  5. G-Rebel Says:

    Empathy separates all of us. Perhaps the hunter could empathize with what you were going through. She had a memory of herself in a similar situation and remembered what it felt like to be criticized and did not wish to inflict that shame on you.

    I've seen many civil people in the new random PUG's. Some not quite so. Empathy is a big part of people willing to be civil in-game.

  6. ithilyn Says:

    What an awesome post, it made my day.

  7. Askevar Says:

    I had a group much like that on my hunter... but my hunter's dps ain't that great.

    Here's to patience with pugs who ARE trying!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ehehe, but at least despite the wipes still managed to finished the instance so its all good! grats!

  9. Matheus Says:

    Try Addon Control Panel, it adds an option to your main menu that allows you to tweak your add-ons in game. You just turn it on or off, click the "Reload UI" button and bam you're back in game without having to log out and back on. There's also one called Option House, it gives you access to performance information as well.

  10. Tamarind Says:

    I suppose it's important to fail sometimes to remind us of ... something ... important. *nods sagely*

    Ah yes.

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