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Today I have to do some massive cleaning and stuff around the house, but I am trying to get back on schedule for posting. There have been some really awesome resources and guides posted lately, and I wanted to provide some links to you guys… and also so I can bookmark this page and navigate to them easily in the future XD

I just want to send out a group-hug to my fellow bloggers. I don't think I really appreciated how incredibly helpful the WoW blogging community is in helping me have fun in this game until I tried to find similar resources for Aion. How on earth did I do it before I discovered all you guys? Yeesh. So in light of this recent epiphany, here are some of my favorite and most useful posts from the past couple of weeks (you know, if I did this once a week instead of sporadically, maybe it wouldn't be so long!)

Non-Healing Specific

Contrary to popular belief, I am not in a raiding guild. I’m not a raiding officer! I used to be an officer in a raiding alliance of multiple guilds, but I stepped down from the post right around the time ToC was released. I don’t have a raiding guild of regular raiders, or a bunch of officers to help me out– if I want to raid, I usually have to assemble a group myself, made up of some guildmates and other friends with whom I’ve raided in the past.

I have taken to emailing boss strats out to the folks in my baby ICC10 raiding group, and the biggest source for these ICC boss strats? Shadow Word: Blog! ABI HAS PICTURES. I actually took the Lady Deathwhisper iPod/Wookie diagram, and added a bunch of stuff to it and sent it to all the raiders in my group. “You! Wookie patrol. You! iPod control. Get on it.” It worked amazingly well, though we still haven’t taken down the beastly woman.

I've also been combining Abi's explanations with those of Rejuvo to make sure I get everything right, so here are links to both of their strats for each boss, and for reference, I think Rejuvo may have more info regarding 25 man content. Also, there have been a few changes to ICC since these strats were written. Maybe if you leave a comment on the posts about the changes, the authors will add them in!

Shadow Word: Blog

at Life in Group 5 apparently heard my cries for help in understanding WoL, because he posted a detailed and extremely helpful guide to understanding how WoL works, and how to interpret it. Hats off to you Vix, awesome post. I can't thank you enough!

Soph at The View Through the Branches is doing a series on the various heroic instances available in WotLK. What makes this series especially cool for us achievement geeks is that he lists the achievements available for each instance, and some tips and strats for how to get them. So far, she has already written about the Coldarra dungeons and the Dragonblight dungeons. These posts have actually made me want to pug Heroics, if for no other reason, than to get the achievements.

If you’re a Disc Priest, and you’ve been pugging with Pally tanks, you may have run across Pallies having issues with mana due to bubbles. I may not be a tank, but as someone who adores her own personal Pally Tank (because that is how I think of you, Fuu), I watch their mana bars as well. If you have a Pally tank struggling with mana due to priest shields, Ophelie tells you how to get around that. Instead of having a “lollrn2playnoob” attitude towards Pally tanks struggling with mana when a Disc priest is around, this is an excellent article for helping them learn how to do it. I wonder if I can put a link in a macro. *ponders*

3.3 Class Specific Updates

I know it may seem a day late and a dollar short to be posting 3.3 updates since it’s been out for a few weeks now, but if you are just coming back from Christmas in Australia or some other fantastic place, here are some great posts to get you up to speed about the changes for your healing class.

  • Druids – I swear there are more Druid bloggers than any other class. Confused about the haste changes to your GCD? Kae has you covered (with shiny graphs too nomnomnom). Want the skinny on all the 3.3 changes to druids? Lissanna has a nice explanatory post. Looking for the new Druid gear? Both Lathere and Lissanna may have your answers.
  • Pallies – As always, Codi from MoarHPS has a very nice, well reasoned BiS list for Holy Pallies. If you find you have a different BiS priority, you might want to read her discussion on Intellect, or just Pally mana regen in general. When Codi disagrees with someone else's theorycrafting, she always provides excellent quantitative reasoning, which I definitely appreciate. Ophelie also offered some good ideas regarding two different Holy Pally builds as well – Holy Light Builds vs Flash of Light Builds. My Holy Pally took one look at that post and was like "...there's more than one build? lolimanoob"
  • Shammies – see this big blank spot right here? It’s a sign I need to level my resto shammy and start making tons of posts about it. Vixsin can only do so much folks! All you resto shammy bloggers! GET ON IT
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    Well, that wasn't my intention, but thanks for the link ;-)

    Abi does some great guides. I laughed at her iPod and Wookie map.

    Gobble gobble.

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