*popcorn* wtf
When did *popcorn* become a legitimate emote?

::wanders off to ponder::
7 Responses
  1. debussy Says:

    I think you're referring to e-drama happening on ...

  2. @debussy

    Shhh! I don't participate in e-drama... ever!

  3. Fuubaar Says:


    I know EXACTLY WHERE you're seeing that.

    I've already emailed Ful about it. He hasn't responded back but when I read it, I totally went

    Oh SNAP!

    /wanders off to make some brownies



    Your choice I guess :)

  4. Cael Says:

    Just laziness on my part. :-)

    *popcorn* or /popcorn is much easier to type than /sits back with popcorn to watch the drama-llama parade around the living room.

  5. Breevok Says:

    *popcorn* has been a legitimate emote since I was MUDing in the late 1980s. Damn I'm old

  6. Jeff Says:

    I can guess where you saw it today also, but I have never seen the emote before either. Amusing though!

    However, a string of *popcorn* (hur hur) is not so amusing to read, so I didn't add my own over there even though I was feeling the same way.

    Don't worry Miss M... your readers will be back momentarily!

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