Bubble and Blood Power
I had heard rumors of the change, but was unable to personally confirm it until our sloppy attempts on Deathbringer Saurfang last night... but please note there has been a pretty significant change that Disc Priests need to recognize.

Daelo actually announced this almost a week ago but I somehow missed it, so here's the Blue Quote:

Absorbs such as Power Word: Shield no longer prevent Blood Power from being gained when damage is dealt by Saurfang. Casting Power Word: Shield is not a bad thing to do as the ability will absorb the damage dealt. This was an intentional 3.3.2 change. We also removed the ability to knockback the Blood Beasts off the platform and the removed of Blood Power gain from Mark of the Fallen Champion damage. We unfortunately missed getting these changes into the patch notes.

I feel kinda ashamed I didn't catch the blue note on it earlier. Sorry that I missed that guys. I feel I have failed you miserably.

I'll go pay my Penance now. Ha ha. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

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4 Responses
  1. Tam Says:

    Yessss...this hit us pretty hard. I actually went holy for it in the end. And being able to pump out that much raw healy goodness did the trick.

  2. Dristanel Says:

    Oh I see what you did there--!

    At least now our grumpy priest won't complain about having to spec disc for one fight. Why would someone complain about healing with bubbles and pewpew lazer beams?!

  3. Orangeslice Says:

    Even with the change to shield vs blood power. the damage still mitigated is nothing to be sneezed as when he throws blood boil on someone. we still downed him with out team of disc and druid with no marks.

  4. Tiex Says:

    Despite the fact that I enjoyed being the almighty disc that came to save the poor bastards from getting nasty marks, I really liked the nerf. XD

    The fight is now more challenging and a bit closer to the expectations, right?

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