Secret Admirer Results and Randomness
My secret admirer is awesome. She/He sent me a mail in game that included candles, pinot Noir, and some heart candies. Someone must have known what a sweetheart-candy addict I am!

I know that everyone guessed it long ago, but the wow-blogger love of my weekend was Syrana... which was definitely an easy pick for me, since I've adored her for quite a long time. Never fall for a lock, my healer friends. They will simply Corrupt your heart, and shard your soul. Oh and apparently Sideshow got to her before I did.

Alas, I'm a Dwarf, and therefore about as subtle and stealthy as.... well, a Dwarf. Funny how that works. My allusions to snow-love, my drunken hiccups... it was all pretty obvious right from the first comment I believe. See, when I fall for someone, I feel no shame or shyness. I'm very much the HI GUESS WHAT I LOVE YOU LETS MAKE BABIES kind of gal, to be honest. Read into that what you will.

Have you been following the blogger secret admirers on twitter as we tried to figure out everyone's love interest? I think I even accused Deyndor of being a girl, what with the whole swooning over dark chocolate thing. Much like Brigwyn, he's male. Whoops.

Speaking of twitter, I changed my twitter name to MissMedicina, and elimeny is locked up, soon to be purged, and reserved for my friends and family who really do not appreciate me spamming their twitter accounts with WoW information. If you've been following Elimeny, please make sure to change it to MissMedicina.

I also swapped from my beloved Alice-got-a-gun avatar to this lovely Nurse. The picture was found on DeviantArt, and created by affekt.

Posts may be skimpy this week, because I have some family issues that resulted in a new addition to our household who needs to get registered for school and all kinds of fun stuff. But instead of hanging out here, wondering where I've run off to, head on over to The Physician's Log, and check out all the lovey dovey bloggers who participated in the Secret Admirer exchange. I'll still be on twitter too... so come join in on the fun (I'm looking at you Tam)! Maybe I'll even serenade y'all with a little Meatloaf...

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10 Responses
  1. Windsoar Says:

    Sadly my wireless internet was being fussy and I am currently restricted from the desk due to a broken leg, so my husband was kind enough to help with the new character and gathering while I sat and watched.

    For the record, watching WoW is like watching paint dry.

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend! I had a ton of fun from both sides of the fence.

    Yours Truly!

  2. Deyndor Says:

    You did accuse me of being female, but I forgive you for it.

    Besides, there is nothing wrong with a love of dark chocolate and the occasional swoon.

  3. @Windsoar

    What a supportive husband... helping you woo another!


    If it makes you feel any better, I love my fiance, and he... loves his long glorious hair. He's a lot snobbier about the hair products he will use than I am.

  4. Syrana Says:

    I have training in spotting stealthy types...marrying a rogue 'n all. But I loved your notes of adoration <3

  5. Tam Says:

    I am scared of twitter. I am too verbose. I cannot ... *sneer* tweet ;)

  6. Poneria Says:

    Verbose Twitter = multiple tweets in a row. Who cares if it defeats the purpose. Though, best results if you treat it like an IM conversation with lots of people...

  7. Ophelie Says:

    @Poneria ~ Funny you should say that about Twitter! I remember my first thought after I figured out how Twitter work: "Oh, basically this is a public MSN messenger"

  8. @Tam @Poneria @Ophelie

    It's probably better that Tam not join us in twitterverse. This way we can continue to talk about him all the time without him actually witnessing it!

  9. Poneria Says:


    I'm waiting for Snottydin to spam us all. /evilgrin

  10. Deyndor Says:


    I too have long glorious hair that I love.

    My god, I really do come off sounding like a female don't I?

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