Healer Help?
I don't really like meta-blogging, but I wanted to make a quickie post offering help to new bloggers.

If you start up a new blog about healing (any class!), please feel free to shoot me an email -> missmedicina at gmail dot com, leave me a comment, whatever you like if you want some advice or help. I will be more than happy to give you any advice, or tell you where to go to get started, or help introduce you to folks on twitter, etc.

I was thinking that once a week I might make a post linking to, and introducing, new healer bloggers. But that will likely mean I need folks to let me know when they find new ones, or when they start new ones.

For instance, I've been emailing back and forth a lot this week with a new Disc priest blogger who writes over at Pain Suppression. Sheqeri has just started, but you can catch him on twitter, and he's got some good posts up already, including a really interesting one on a Class big brother/big sister program, which I really like!

Insert witty concluding line that likely requires a lot more coffee in my system in order to do properly.

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7 Responses
  1. Jaedia Says:

    I've had 2 or 3 people contact me about this actually, always felt really good when I'd helped them, they all appreciated that I took a little of my time to help them and I find it lovely that I can!

    It's a great idea :)

  2. Endyme Says:

    As someone who just jumped head first into the blogging pool and realized the it was bigger than I thought and oh hey, swimming might hel...*gurgle sputter* it's nice to see other bloggers offering help and advice. I've come across several "Blog 101" or "Things I wish I'd known when I first started out" type posts and it's definitely helped, but I'm still figuring things out. Like what the heck RSS feeds are and how to make my icon bigger-er.

    I've tried to look at other blogs and their styles and have gotten a feel for the bigger names in the blogosphere (your was one such name). I feel like the poor farmer looking at the fancy mansions, ashamed at his own shack and intimidated by the finer folk who live in their nice houses. Maybe when I get an email set up so people can contact me I'll send you an email. Well, that and once I get more on my blog other than a few measly posts. It needs pictures! And starbursts and..and....stuff!

  3. Poneria Says:

    You can also use Twisted Nether / Blog Azeroth to spot new bloggers. Specifically the BA Introductions forum. :) I like to peruse in there to look at new peeps. I also look at people followed on Twitter by other bloggers I follow.

  4. tiggs4e Says:

    Hi Ms M I started blogging late last year but only recently started adding helpful (i hope) content to my blog for other shaman. I'll never be a theory crafter it' just not my thing but I hope to be able to point out those little things about healing and being a shammy that will help especially the newer players. Any advise from you would be very welcome and appreciated


  5. @Jaedia

    It feels great to help. Is this a healer thing? Hmm.


    The only way to do it is to just jump in, not knowing how big the blogosphere is... otherwise you'd get intimidated!

    You have no idea how weird it is to see someone refer to me as a "bigger name in the blogosphere". It's more likely that I'm just one of the louder, more obnoxious people in the blogosphere XD

    When it comes to the website itself, I'm a total slacker. I read everything via google reader >.> Seriously, I just found a good template from somewhere, threw it up on blogger, and that was it. I don't even know how to make a banner picture work right. I'm so lame.


    Yes, and I kinda got started by putting myself on the intro forums there as well. I always feel weird giving advice to people unless they specifically ask for it though. Like I'm being super nosy.

    There have been a couple of folks that have emailed me though, and I've sent them to blog azeroth to introduce themselves.


    Hey tiggs, can you link me to your blog? The one I saw in your profile doesnt seem to have anything about shamans :)

  6. Jaedia Says:

    I'm a hunter who's terrified of healing, nope, not just a healer thing ;)

  7. tiggs4e Says:

    silly me sorry

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