The Duel that Would Not End
It was a dank and chilly night in the Dalaran sewers I call home. I was feeling bored and melancholy and singing my Divine Hymn of Meatloafness around all the folks duelling when I was struck by a particularly interesting Holy Pally who was fighting others.

Dueling as a Holy Pally? Hunh.

If you've never participated in a Heal-Off, all you have to do is randomly start healing some healer in a capital until you run out of mana. Eventually you might even have 2 or 3 or 10 other healers join in on a circle jerk of green numbers. I've always enjoyed these, but it never occurred to me to actually try and duel another healer and see who could stay alive longer.

So when I saw this Holy Pally, I thought to myself "Hey, Faction Champs have taught me a few useful PvP tricks. Plus, I happen to have a Pally, and I know some of their abilities... this might be fun. Disc is supposed to be good at PvP, so it would be nice practice as well." So I invited the Pally in question to duel me.

30 minutes later, we were both at full health, and STILL fighting.

It was a Bubble-Up-a-Thon. He'd bubble, I'd Mass Dispel. I'd DoT him up, he'd Cleanse. I screamed at him, he Judged me. I Penanced, he'd Holy Shock. I tried to Mana Burn him over and over to no avail... he tried to melee me but my bubble absorbed it all. Hell I even tried to Net him a few times, but I just couldn't put out the damage needed to take him out while he was rooted.

Finally I just stood still and let him take me out because frankly, this was completely exhausting. So next I told him to stay Holy and I would go Shadow and try to take him out. 3 minutes later, he won.

I bow down before your superior PvP abilities random Dalaran Sewer Holy Pally Dude. But I still contend that 30 minute duel was a DRAW.

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11 Responses
  1. Nymarie Says:

    Umm yeah...holy pally vs disc priest fights are definitely unending.

  2. Cassandri Says:

    I'm impressed. I think I would have called it quits 3 minutes in :)

  3. Tiex Says:

    Wow, you deserve the title "the Patient" with honors! XD

  4. Kayllnn Says:

    Haha, sounds like fun. Disc priesting is fun for pvp. Of course I am only level 35, but hey, bubbling and fearing then dotting up, is just awesome. Pallys suck in pvp, so sounded like you did really well. I want a disc priest vs. tree dual!

  5. Kayllnn Says:

    ...and by suck I meant, I hate fighting them cuz they r awesome...

  6. Kimberly Says:

    I love when I (on my holy pally) duel my guy on his Warlock. That's a whole other type of "forever" duels. :)

  7. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Well done! ;)

    I once actually had a 15+ minute fight against a well-geared pvp spriest in my blood tank gear/spec that was going nowhere before our raid yelled at us to get our butts into TOC.... ugh, remind me never to accept a duel challenge while standing around the summoning stone. :)

  8. Fuubaar Says:

    You wanna know what else TAKES forEVer....

    A Protection Paladin tanking Juliet in the Karazan Romeo & Juliet Fight.

    I have 1 stun every 45 seconds and she heals to full every 30 seconds.

    I ended up pulling the crowd to get mana back. With the entire crowd and this babe, I still lived... I finally pulled the Skeleton on the side & he Ice Blocked me and I died.

    Needless to say You can go as deep in to Kara as possible (solo wise) but if you get the wrong Stage Call, it's over baby.

    Never ending fights are... ummm Neverending ;)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Reminds me of arena skirmish I did once. Resto Druid/Disc Priest vs. Resto Druid/Disc Priest.

    The other team eventually gave in out of boredom.

  10. Dristanel Says:

    Dueling a holy paladin is a recipe for disaster! We were screwing around last night, waiting for people to show up for VoA, when people started randomly dueling me. With a fair amount of SP, Holy Shock can crit pretty nice, so I can do decent damage. But mostly? I just annoy people until they give up.

    What's really an exercise in patience, though, is prot paladin vs. prot paladin duel. Did that way back when Warsong Gulch first came out, right outside the battleground. Lasted 45 mins before we called a draw.

  11. Thromean Says:

    On my resto Shaman, i dueled our guilds Prot Pally MT, I'd keep ES on me until i got low on Mana, then switch to water sheild, let him hit me a couple of times so that i could get a bit of mana back and RT myself. That duel lasted for 30 min because we were too stubborn to give in.

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