Podcast Interviews Wheee!
I might just do a whole buncha posts today!

First things first though... Wednesday night I did an interview with Exanna at OMGpriest! for her podcast, and it was pretty fun. I sound so tired and goofy, so all of you haters will want to listen to it and give me hell for it!

In all seriousness, it's a fairly short interview just talking about some of the basics of Discipline priesting... things you might want to know if you're switching from Holy to Disc. Listening to it now, I keep thinking of all these other things I should have said, but alas, hind sight is always 20/20. It can be rough making the switch, but Exanna and I went over some of the basics that a fresh Disc Priest may need to know.

Check it out on her page: OMGpriest!!


And speaking of newbie Disc Priests, I want to leave you with a lesson I learned in a ToC25 pug tonight - It is far better to do nothing but cast Power Word: Shield as a Disc Priest than it is to go through entire fights without casting it once.

I've run into this a lot lately in pugs - other priests healing tanks with me, and me feeling that I needed to shield their tanks because they just weren't doing it themselves. Yes, Penance is an awesome spell - and you could argue that Penance is a bigger staple of the Disc Priest diet than even Power Word: Shield. But the foundation of Disc Priesting is mitigation - SO USE YOUR SHIELDS OR I WILL CRINGE.

And then I'll blog about it.

But at least I don't name names. I'd like to think that if you are a Disc Priest, and you read this blog... you know better.
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  1. Tam Says:

    What I've never understood is why other disco priests don't scatter PW:S around like candy at a kid's party. I mean, even when I'm on tank healing, if I'm in control of the incoming damage I'll just randomly start showering shields on the raid, especially the other healer.

    What ticks me off above all things is when you have a disco priest on tank healing and there's this one lousy shield. ONE! And they don't even shield the other tank... because that takes less effort and concentration than scratching your own nose.

    What's with that?

  2. @Tam

    Gah, I know. If I have a single GCD available, I will pop a bubble on SOMEONE if for no other reason than to get a borrowed time buff and maybe a rapture mana return.

    The only time I don't do it is when there's another disc priest in the raid. But that's what gets me so frustrated - when there's more than one Disc priest in the raid, I always make sure that we're both clear on who will be shielding whom. So it's insanely frustrating to see that they AREN'T shielding their target - because I'm afraid that if I do it, I'll be screwing them over. So I'm staring at their target on tenderhooks, telling myself repeatedly "DONTBEOCDDONTBEOCD" and "STOPBEINGACONTROLFREAKOMG" but it really tests my patience.

    I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they just don't *know*? But we're in a 25 man ToC, and their gear is pretty solid, and it's obvious that this is their main spec so... how have they never learned how to play their class? And do I have a right to tell them they're doing it wrong?

    There's a lot of bad ways to bubble, sure... but even bubbling willy nilly is ten million times better than NOT BUBBLING AT ALL.


  3. Tiex Says:

    It's just absurd to think of a disc that simply don't throw shields, right?

    Strangely enough, I've seen a bunch of them lately. I always check recount + recount guessed absorbs after a fight to see how everyone is doing.

    You'd be impressed at how often I look at that and see that I'm responsible for more than 80% of the absorbs when I'm not the only disc in the raid.

    Of course we should be careful with more than 1 disc, but on 25's there are plenty of people to shield, so we can avoid stepping on each others toes. It's actually very helpful when both are shield spamming, otherwise no Rapture procs are going to keep your mana up. There are 25 people to shield, after all =D

    One thing that makes me want to slap someone and /kick if I'm the raid leader is the Holy Priest shielding my tank ¬¬

    Yeah, they do that. With their tiny, tiny, tiny shields. Seriously, who wouldn't wanna slap them? =P

  4. Amoros Says:

    I have a lil' dwarf priest I was intending to level to be Disco. I'll have to make sure to listen to this interview when I get home.

    Our last Disc priest we had emo quit the guild about six months ago to join the big raiders on server and we haven't had one since, So I've never really seen this problem pug some priests have with their bubbles. I always though that they would throw them everywhere, since they're so awesome and all.

  5. Beth Says:

    When there is another Disc in the raid, I always feel bad about my spamming because I feel like I'm bubblesniping them. But I _have_ to bubble people, that's what I _do_.

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