Dear John,
I am obsessive about checking my number of readers on google reader. It's the best indicator I have (that I can figure out) that lets me know how many people read my shiznat on a regular basis.

So imagine my despair when I checked my count tonight. On Friday the count was 122... AND NOW IT IS 121.


Someone left me!!! Did I use too many exclamation points? Did I post TOO often? Did my newbishness regarding hunter pet training turn you off? Was it because I abandoned Holy and went Disc?

I think my heart just broke a little. I feel like I just got pseudo dumped.

I wonder if this means I *might* be a little too sensitive?
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  1. Sephrenia Says:

    Google is rubbish at Maths. Mine varies day to day. Worry not. Your stuff is good. :)

  2. Christine Says:

    "sensitive part" i dont think so, yea i agree with seph your blog is good. and if one reader did miss visiting you, probably just something not to worry about, unless he might just been busy not able to sit infront of the computer that day, maybe did some errands to run to? who knows? =D
    Happy blogging!

  3. rss syndication counts report licenses in a 24 hour period. some will guess using averages and trends. for our podcast, weekends are terrible. it doesn't surprise me that Friday would be higher. sweat not, young lass.

    -loud 'moufed stumpy tank

  4. Keredria Says:

    Lol!!! Very cute. Something other bloggers can relate to.


  5. Space Monkey Says:

    Hehe, added you to this Google reader thingy then... (even tho I prefer just firing up Chrome and visiting your homepage, oh the irony)

  6. Fulguralis Says:

    Yeah, mine will jump all over the place. Sometimes it'll drop like 10 in a day and then I feel like a complete putz. Like "what did I do?!!"

    Then, when I was doing all the blog updating, I broke it and it showed like 5 for the day. Not 0, mind you, but like 5. WTF. Still, I was sad.

  7. bobturkey Says:

    Oh, oh how do you check those numbers?!? I want I want!


  8. Matticus Says:

    *rolls up sleeve*

    I will fix this.

  9. Zusterke Says:

    I've been reading your blog since yesterday (after this post though). It should have gone up by (at least) one now ;)

  10. @Seph

    Awww, thanks. I think it's throwing me off because I've never seen the number of subscribers really vary that much, and for the most part it has steadily grown.


    No errands! Everyone must be glued to their comps to read what I have to say, for it is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

    @stumpy tank



    Well in that case, I'll pass the sympathy ice cream.

    @Space Monkey

    Awwwww, thank you he-who-dwells-in-pits!


    Dude. The internet is like, hard.


    Do you use Google Reader? just go to, and add your own blog as a subscription. then, once your feed shows, if you look around, you'll find something at the top of the feed that says "Show Details", and that will give you your number of subscribers.

    According to my Google Reader, you have 159 subscribers :)


    I'm glad I waited to respond to comments until today! Thanks so much for your link love, it definitely cheered me up!


    Hurrah! True to form, my number is now a happy number 122! I shall no longer mourn for the loss of Anonymous John, and instead celebrate all the new folks! Moving forward and what have you, hehe...

  11. Tamarind Says:

    I have no idea how to delve into the mysteries of google reader. Please don't tell me. I'd be obsesssive. Also I'm pretty sure I couldn't aspire to 121 let alone 122 ;)

  12. @Tamarind

    You silly, silly boy. You currently have 223 subscribers via Google Reader alone!

  13. Stop Says:

    RSS subscriber math is a very, very imprecise art. My subscribers waffle between 290 and 350 on not a daily, but hourly basis.

    I wouldn't put too much stock in it. :)

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