What does YOUR Divine Hymn sound like?
Last night, in the heat of yet another ToC battle, as the music notes tripped from my fingers, bouncing into the previously dwindling little green bars of my allies, I thought to myself, what does Divine Hymn sound like?

So, I looked at the tooltip... "You recite a Holy hymn..." What? You can't RECITE a DIVINE hymn in the heat of battle - that's not nearly passionate enough. I want to BURST FORTH with previously unknown musical talent, ripping through octaves and difficult notes with Mariah Careyish fervor, thank you very much.

(While it saddens me that my other healing friends cannot sing along with me in battle, I like to imagine that those swaying trees are backup dancers for my powerful rockingoutness. Dance trees, DANCE!)

So... What does YOUR Divine Hymn sound like?

Need some inspiration? I've spent this morning debating various genres that might represent Jessabelle's nightly solo. Perhaps an historic hymn like Amazing Grace with a nice Dwarven take? Or maybe a classic southern gospel that would make momma proud like Swing Low, Sweet Chariot? Maybe a choir of sweet angelic voices, from the Vienna boys choir?

Nah. Jbizzle wants to rock.

How about some Metallica, baby! Okay, not sure if I want to rock that much (plus, Hetfield's singing face is not what I want to see when saving the lives of others). Maybe something more in the Beatles realm? Hm, not sure if I'm really the "whispering words of wisdom" kind of gal.

Oh no, I've got it. Jessabelle would do ANYTHING for love. There is nothing more divine than Meatloaf.

Your turn! Leave it for me in a comment! I claim no credit for the throngs of women (and possibly even some men) throwing their lacy underthings at you whilst you Diving Hymn.

So, here's my new macro.

/cast Divine Hymn
/in 8 /emote cracks open a Dr. Pepper.

(Thanks Erinys!)

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24 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    eeeeewwwww! Meatloaf is just repulsive. I'm thinking some Queen would do it up right..

  2. Erinys Says:

    /cast Divine Hymn

    If you want more lyrics you just keep adding /in 3, /in 4 and so on. The /in number is the time from the start of the macro being cast so if you want a longer delay use /in 2, /in 4. You could also change the /s to a /y if you want louder singing.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I think I'm gonna have to bookmark this, 'cause that macro sounds, pun intended, divine. (That and you're making me wanna roll up a priest, Miss M!)

    And while I love Meatloaf, I think I'd have to go with Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=840B27zYfOk) or, if I'm feeling in a darker mood, maybe Queen's "The Prophet's Song" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_AxOqzetdE)

  4. Nefernet Says:

    Oh Happy Day !
    That would be the kind of hymn I'd like to hear.

    Look at this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLY7yI1xV-M
    And imagine you're the boy, you got the trees behind you singing softly their hots on the raid, and there comes the solo ! You're a star !

    Oh I love that song !

  5. Azryu Says:

    Oh, I knew instantly what my Divine Hymm would sound like.

    Though my character is male, I still cannot find anything I'd rather have!


    Listen in, and give it 30 seconds for the singing to start, and just listen in...

  6. Buel Says:

    Great idea for a post, being a tree I guess I'm relegated to being a backing dancer, however thanks alot for suggesting rolling up a Disc Priest - I've started, only 17 so far (having to fit it in around healing duties), but very much enjoying it.

    Whilst I'm here, I've just started an Azeroth of Olde chain and I would love to nominate you as your posts have so much passion and alot of thought gone into them.

    Anyways if you're upfor it, the starting post is here:


    And the questions are:
    * When did you first start playing World of Warcraft.
    * Name, Race, Class and Server of your first character.
    * Where is that character now?
    * What was your first level capped character, and is it still your main?
    * From days gone by – what is your favourite in game item and why?
    * What was your “classic” noob error – and just how stupid did you feel when you realised?
    * Favourite instance or in game event that has passed or you no longer visit?
    * Any fond memories you’d like to share with the collective?
    * Finally – if you could change any one thing in the game – what would you change?

    If not no worries at all, feel free to edit it outta this comment :)

  7. Kayllnn Says:

    I don't care what you sing, I am just glad your hymn saved my ass last night while I had legion flames. Thanks for singing me back to life Jess!

  8. @Anonymous

    Queen would be good too! But my heart belongs to Meatloaf <3 no matter what you say!


    Thank you very much! I think I'll shy away from yelling right now, seeing as how that might get incredibly annoying. Wish there were a /sing emote...


    You know you want a priest! XD Also, I think any 80s power ballad will do the trick!

    @Nefernet and Azryu

    I will have to check these youtubes out as soon as I get home from work! It might be awkward in the office to try and explain it...


    Oooo I hope you enjoy leveling your priest! I found it to be quite fun.

    I will put together a post for your questions - thanks for the tag!

  9. @kayllnn

    Hahaha is that what was happening? I just saw everyone dying pretty quickly (probably because one of the healers had legion flames!) and so I felt it was time for some singing.

    Thank YOU for Earth Shield during Faction Champs. My new theory is that that was the key point that saved all of our butts, because I spent the whole fight Mass Dispelling everything!

  10. Fuubaar Says:

    Megadeth- Symphony of Destruction!

    Now that's what I hear ;)

  11. Nymarie Says:

    I like that song! I dunno what mine would be but my mind goes back to that song somebody posted on the priest forums a while back "I healed a group and I liked it!"

  12. Fulguralis Says:

    It was even funnier because you called out "I'm siiiiinging" in vent. Classic. AND I, the RL, knew what you were doing immediately. How's that for synergy.

    I think that's why we can only raid with certain people... everyone else would be utterly lost and confused by our (read: yours and Fuu's) shenanigans.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    What an annoyingly fun idea.

    I'll have my raiders screaming for mercy after a few uses.

    Hmm, or perhaps I could just sing over Vent ;-)

    Gobble gobble.

  14. Role Craft Says:

    I want to be rick-rolled by a Divine Hymn.

  15. Azryu Says:

    Oh wow... I just thought of another one that would be PERFECT.


  16. @BobTurkey

    Well, you should always let them know you're casting Divine Hymn (so that the druids can cast Wild Growth and really maximize it) by singing "IM SIIIIINGING" in vent XD

    @Role Craft

    Stop giving me such mischevious ideas.

    @Azryu & Nefernet & Lisa

    I listened to ya'll's suggestions - I think my fave is Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart! Definitely awesome. (it also works really well if you have the t8 set with the yellow eyes - BRIGHT EYES!)

  17. @Lisa

    Oh also, do you think I could convince all the rogues in the raider to dance around like ninjas to *really* fit in with the Bonnie Tyler theme?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I am pretty sure Tam can't sing to save his life. I kind of imagining him breaking out in a hesitant, warbling "Uh...kum ba ya ... uh ... kum ba ya....um ... yes. Quite." And then going to back to PoM.

  19. Dw-redux Says:

    Thought I'd add one aswell.

    I would choose Man'o'war with 'die for metal'
    "Hold your head up high
    Raise your fist up in the air
    Play metal louder than hell
    Louder than hell"

    ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmmNVCeAIWc )
    ...but im fairly certain that I would get a better reaction with the meatloaf one :)

  20. ambient Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. ambient Says:

    Come on people, you're missing the most obvious (obviously AWESOME) choice of all: Livin' on a Prayer! 8D

    I think I'd phrase it like this:

    /cast Inner Focus
    /cast Divine Hymn
    /in 1 /s WE'RE HALFWAY THERE
    /in 3 /s OOHH! LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!
    /in 7 /s LIVIN' ON A PRAYER! Livin' on a prayer...

  22. Cassandri Says:

    See I always imagined it would be like a whole bunch of chanting... like Enigma's Sadness

    Kind religious


    And now it kind of freaks me out to realise that I've thought about what it would sound like already :S

  23. Stop Says:

    Reading "Diving Hymn" makes me think Dio's "Holy Diver" might make a great song for this...

  24. @stop

    That is the first time I ever noticed that typo. But now it shall remain there forever, because it, and your response, cracks me up.

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