Raid For The Cure
Thanks to my favorite butt of a bear, a fantastic event happened this weekend - Raid for the Cure, in honor of a WoW player named Julie who recently discovered the has Breast Cancer. All the details can be found at BBB, but I wanted to share some of my own screenshots of pinkness for you folks!

I was running late (literally - it's a long haul from Ironforge to Darnassus!) so I met up with the group in Auberdine... and this is what came off of the boat to greet me!

We made our way slowly, but surely, with guards from Sidhe Devils to protect us, through Darkshore.

After safely transversing Darkshore, we paraded through the Barrens to meet up with our Horde companions in Crossroads.

(PS nothing hotter than an Orc in pink!)

Combined Alliance and Horde forces continued on to Ratchet to jump on a boat.

One quick overseas voyage, and we arrived at our final destination: Booty Bay!

And there, we assembled on the bank roof and danced, yelled, shrieked, lawled, and generally emoted our attempts to raise awareness about cancer. As if all the pink shirts weren't enough.

And then Fulguralis, Fuubaar, and myself decided to have a peaceful game of hearts... before I got disconnected ;)

Thanks for everyone who joined in, and thanks to BBB and Sidhe Devils for organizing such a great event.

During the run, lots of people were telling, in various channels, the stories of those they know who have suffered from all forms of cancer - not just Breast Cancer. Here, I'll share mine.

A few years ago my father informed me he had been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and that it was most likely due to his time in Vietnam and Agent Orange. He is, thankfully, in remission. I know Veteran's Day has now passed for us Americans, but please think of the Vietnam Vets that you know, and call them and remind them to go to their doctors and be on the alert for signs of Lymphoma. I thank God every day that my dad chose to fight the disease, and is still around to show that he won. Not everyone is so lucky.

If you are a smoker, consider switching to vaping in an effort to quit. My fiance and some of the guys from Save or Die Radio have started recording a podcast all about vaping - all of my friends and I have switched from smoking to vaping, and I strongly encourage you to do so as well. If the health benefits don't convince you, then maybe the cost benefits will. No one here will judge you for being a smoker - but seriously, vaping is so much better for you, and a helluva lot more fun!

Cancer is one of those diseases I can't abolish, and dying from it is one death I can't rez. So stay out of the damn Cancer-fire!
3 Responses
  1. Castassia Says:

    I wish I'd known about this event before hand. I would have created a toon or something just to join as much as I could. Great job to all those that attended.

  2. I was very, very excited to see you there, Miss Medicina!

    Sadly, as one of the organizers... I didn't get to go /squee! as much as I would have liked to my favorite bloggers like you.

    Thank you so much for being there!

  3. @Cas

    That leads me to believe I probably should have posted something about it beforehand! As I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend until the day of (and almost missed it!) I neglected to do so, wanh!


    Oh I'll bet you say that to all of the femdwarves that show up!!! <3 Thanks for putting together such a great event, it was quite fun!

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