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Couple of random tidbits floating around in my head.

So many bloggers getting involved in NaNo! You are much more courageous than I. I'll try to hold down the fort so you can write your novels this month, and therefore I'll probably be posting a bit more frequently. My usual schedule is about once a day, but I'll probably be making shorter posts a couple of times a day for a few weeks.

Tier 10 preview is out. Rogues continue to leave me gasping for breath as I guffaw rudely. I think Blizz is trying to make Druids happy that their armor can't be seen while they are in form so that they will stop whining. Do you *really* want people to see your gear, Antler Head? Pallies in skirts just make my day. What about the Priest t10? Yawn. Completely and utterly booooooring.

Mongrr made a fabulous post at Save the Lightwell yesterday with all kinds of information refuting common complaints about the love-it-or-hate-it Holy Priest spell Lightwell. I added a link to it on my page discussing the merits of speccing into Lightwell, but the StL post is far superior to my own.

I had a very delightful surprise last night when a healer of the non-squishy variety (!) sent me a tell last night from a level 1 character, offering to help out with the Healer Survey data entry. I might actually take him up on this... I'm going to see how far I can get this weekend, and if progress is still painfully slow, then I may take him up on his offer. If anyone else is interested in helping out with this project, please leave me a comment - I haven't decided if I'm ready to relinquish control of mah baby yet, but I also do want to get it all taken care of.

The Christmas spirit is upon us! Between BBB's Raid for the Cure (which is an awesome event because BBB is not telling everyone they should donate to one organization - you are eligible for the drawing even if you choose a different organization to handle your donation), or blame Syrana for Twitter being so annoyingly popular. Or even better, split your donation to Make a Wish Foundation by giving half of it to Blizzard, and you get a free pet! Wait... did I say that backwards? Ah, well, Freud is a bitch.

More later on endangered talents. The title of this post is a reference to a statement Gordin made regarding the recently ousted mayor of Fifth-Third, Ohi... oops, sorry, Dayton, Ohio. Damn, there's that Freud again.
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I actually liked the Priest T10 before they added a Jedi helm to it. Much better than the bondage monk T8 or the "I look like every other caster" T10, IMO.

    I like the Druid T10 as well.. yeah.. stop laughing at me. I can go pretend to be a Felwood tour guide or something. Liferoot horns ftw!

  2. Shintar Says:

    I agree that priest tier 10 looks quite lackluster, but I guess we can be glad that we don't look as utterly ridiculous as other classes. At least priests never seem to have tier sets that are a complete pain to look at.

    As for lightwell, I'm one of those priests that never even specced into it because of its bad reputation. I thought about it after all the buffs it's received, but at the end of the day I still think that it's a bad concept for a healing talent, because essentially lightwell is nothing but a vending machine for (admittedly really good) health pots. I play a healer because I want to heal (me being the one who does it), not because I want to educate other people on responsible bandage use.

  3. Saunder Says:

    Altaholic that I am, said Level 1 is now a Level 8, with Mining and BS over 50. LOL @ me.

  4. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I don't mind druid T10 so much.... just make sure to have 'show helm' turned off! :)

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