Outwardly We Heal You, Inwardly You Die
All DPSers are beginning to run scared from my blog, as they fear all the pent up passive-aggression we healers have harbored against them. We may heal you during the raid, but we're secretly cursing your entire existence? No, no, truly, it's not that bad. No really, we love you. Just, like, gtfootf. <3

I mean Ful never even stops by anymore, though I can always depend on his much holier wife. I think he's convinced that the healers have formed a mob and he'll be stormed out should he step foot into Miss Medicina's house. He suggested to me this weekend that the healers in the blogosphere have really become a powerful force, and much more vocal. I think he just never read healing blogs before he got me into blogging and now here I am, forcing it upon him ;)

Seriously though, I just want to step in and say that despite my teasing, I don't think all DPS is easy. Obviously. If I felt that way, maybe when I DPSed on my Pally I would no longer be that chick in the corner on the other side of the room trying to figure out why I can't use Crusader Strike. True story, I'm that bad. Melee iz hrd.

In other news, anyone know of a place where I can find a complete listing of all the different healing spells? I'm getting exceedingly frustrated by my inability to do some serious comparisons between healing classes because I lack the knowledge. This is the sort of thing that resulted in my trying to triple major and double minor in college... I hate not having all the information. I'm even debating putting my raiding on the back burner just so I can finish leveling my druid and shammy so I'm not constantly having to ask Kelly or Zigi to tell me what spell I'm trying to think of.

Oh also. Seriously, the Shaman T10 set? So worth the wait, amirite?
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  1. Adgamorix Says:

    For a list of all spells, I think if you Wiki each class, it will list all their appropriate spells, mana costs, and amount healed.

  2. @adgamorix

    Looks like you're right... what's funny is that I'm pretty sure I knew that before, since I remember printing all this out.

    So it's one of THOSE days where I'm just a complete ditz.

  3. Fulguralis Says:

    Oh, I'm here, standing in the back, watching the shenanigans unfold.

    That's what warlocks do, we lurk.

    We're not attention hogs like you healer types, taking it to the streets in a misguided effort to get some credit... aww, healers have such a thankless job, blah blah blah. QQ.

    Just know that your tears are sustenance for my crystalline soul.

  4. @fulguralis

    "We're not attention hogs like you healer types, taking it to the streets in a misguided effort to get some credit"

    ...says the guy who posts screenshots of the recount meter onto the alliance website under "NEWS"

    Just sayin'.

  5. Fuubaar the Holy One Says:

    It ain't news when the purple bar is lower than the green ones in recount.


    Burn in the Makers Fire!

  6. Fish Says:

    I was gonna suggest Wow wiki, thats pretty much my start when doing something new with a class. I would be really interesting to read a comparison of healing classes.

    btw, major thanks for the disc healing guide, it helped, I DS'd my priest disc and it is pretty awesome.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    http://www.wowhealers.com/content/view/16/34/ I was browsing and I saw this with healers list of spells it helps as well. It has Priest, shaman, paladin, and druid overviews. but dont know how updated it is just check it out. but for most players wowwiki is currently the source for more of it.

  8. Ruhtra Says:

    Why does no one ever include the bandage spec Rogue?

  9. Fulguralis Says:

    What is this, like, constructive commenting going on here? SHOO! All of you. Go download recount and try to top the charts... it's all you need to know about healing.

    And that meter was instructive AND newsworthy! It taught people that I'm better than they are, which isn't news in and of itself... but just HOW MUCH better was really the headline there.

    Besides, DPS never complain about being under-appreciated. We post the meter up while the rest of y'all are trying to do loot or discuss strategies and crap and then we NINJA the loot anyways just to show you how worthless your actions really are! HA!

    ...And junk.

  10. Chirri Says:

    I've found my new random quote. :)

  11. Zigi Says:

    TOTALLY worth the wait. Ima have GHOST DEER coming out of my head.

  12. Finwe Says:

    I can't believe no one pointed out the class spells list on wowhead. Or, if that's blocked, you can download (save page) the lists from thottbot for later reference.

  13. @Fuubar



    Ooo, I'm really glad it helped you! I hope you enjoy the Disc healing, it really is loads of fun. Everyone likes bubbles!


    Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, from what I can tell, the information is sadly out of date. Wanh. That's the problem I always run into. Maybe I need to write up a reference of all the Priest spells myself, and keep it up to date?


    There should be a Rogue talent for reducing the cooldown on bandages, dont you think?


    I have this awesome daydream of Recount no longer working on your computer, and you being forced to go through an entire raid with NO DPS METER (*gasp!*)


    Hahah I love that you put that on your blog. I'm so flattered and proud!


    I want screenshots as soon as you get it ;)


    Actually, a couple of people recommended wowwiki, like Adgamorix. It was a painfully obvious suggestion... I was having a very bad "thinking" day when I wrote this, I don't know why I didn't think of wowwiki ::headdesk::

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