I'm so gonna get fired.
How to look busy at work while other people walk by when what you are really doing is secretly reading WoW blogs:
  • Copy and paste the blog into a notepad document, make it small, and read it next to the Powerpoint Presentation you are supposed to be creating. (psst if you were wondering, this is usually how I write my blog posts)
  • Send the blogs to yourself in an email that includes a very large picture of your company's logo.
  • Copy and paste the text of the blog in question into that word document you are supposed to be editing, and fiddle around with the font of it while you read it.
  • Whilst reading from the little notepad C&P of your favorite blog, highlight and unhighlight random pieces of text from whatever document you're supposed to be working on, so that it looks like you are moving around and adjusting text.
  • Randomly resize images in a powerpoint file.

As proof that I actually do all of the above things, I provide for you a screenshot.

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  1. Kayllnn Says:

    I have a theory that everything in offices takes much less time to do than people use. Seriously how do people who work in offices have so much time to read blogs and crap? I think when they read blogs or do whatever it is they do besides their work, their managers come to the belief that their work takes much more time than it actually does, so they give extra time b/c of people not doing their job, so people doing the work have all this extra time to goof off. Does this make sense?

    I am in law school so really I have nothing else to do, except for listen to the discussions, but why would I do that?

  2. @Kayllnn

    Oh definitely. When I actually DO do something in the amount of time it would really take me were I to focus, I get all these shocked responses, and disbelief. And then I sit around for three hours waiting for someone to give me something else to do. Part of that is probably because when you're new to a career, you may simply have fewer long term projects to work on. I don't know, but I do know that my fiance is almost always very very busy at work (or so he says...)

  3. Fuubaar the Busy ;) Says:

    Funny enough, I just clicked on the pic to check it out & someone wondered into my office asking me a question!

    MOAR Screen SHOTS!

  4. Kayllnn Says:

    I worked in an office for the first time this past summer as a law intern. When I was in high school I worked at Chick-Fil-A and eventually became a supervisor. Kinda sad but eh, high school w/e. So it was like a shock to my system to actually be able to sit down, and sometimes not have something to do. Office life is weird lol...

  5. Grimmtooth Says:

    /waves to Jong's blog by proxy

  6. @Grimm

    Hahahah I was wondering how many people would catch that...

  7. Hannah Says:

    lol true story... I used to do alot of temp office work, and would always get whatever they wanted me to do done quite quickly, so I always brought a book to read.

    One of my bosses literally said, "you can't sit here and read! Take this box of thousands of multicolored paperclips and pick out all of the pink ones and throw them away."

    Really? Really?

  8. @Hannah

    I must say, this makes me feel a lot better about the fact that I spent all day yesterday whiting out a date on 55 printouts, that would have cost a total of 3 dollars to reprint.

    Instead they paid me for 8 hours to do it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I do this ALL the time. I've even made shortcuts in Windows to open certain blogs and also documents that everyone in my office uses a lot so I can quickly switch between things on the fly. I always wonder thou if everyone around me is doing the same thing....everyone looks paranoid when someone walks near their desk.

  10. Nymarie Says:

    Haha I do this at work...I type up my blogs in the cells of my spreadsheets.

  11. Fish Says:

    I talk on the phone to people all day and walk them through forms that I know by heart. I could probably browse while talking to them, but they also save screenshots of our desktops, and I don't think my manager would enjoy reading the merits of disc vs holy lol

  12. Angelya Says:

    I just read blogs through google reader :) it works for most blogs except for wow.com which has way too many pretty non-work-looking pictures. I def think my attention span went waaay down once I started playing wow a lot.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    multi-tasking makes us a SUPERWOWEMAN! oh well maybe a different name for a hero?
    >.< anyway, i do this too, i have like a notebook with me always, and just write it down there as my draft while at work. on my part though its not too difficult since i worked nights and other nurses doesn't care ahaha!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Me too! Notepad is awesome :-)

    I also have a button on my browser which inserts CSS into any webpage. This removes most of the colours (I hate reading white text on black background websites) and images and what not.

    Makes Wow websites look a lot more like plain text with some links in them.

    Gobble gobble

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Alternatively sit with your back to the wall, which is what I do and involves less cutting and pasting. Although I spend most of my time in libraries so it's mainly for my own self-delusions that I pretend I don't spend all day reading WoW blogs :)

  16. Stephen Says:

    Heehee. Glad I'm not alone.
    Nice tip if you're reading WoW.com,
    open it is http://i.wow.com/.
    Its the mobile site and has much less pictures and frill so less likely to attract attention.

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