Random Friday Tidbits
A little bird told me that it was mentioned on The Instance podcast that the pets available for purchase from the Blizz pet store do NOT count towards the pet achievements.

Can anyone confirm this for me? How sad is it that I find that strangely comforting?

In other news, Llyra over at Healing Way suggested that Resto Shammies receive some buffs to their damage mitigation abilities. I think this is a very interesting idea - of all the healing classes, it feels that Resto Shammies are in greatest need of some tweaking to give them more specialness. What do you think?

P.S. My fun little MSPaint chart I made yesterday was intended to be a little tongue in cheek... no, I certainly don't think that Rotation and Reflex can be graphed as simply as all that... but it was hella fun to try ;)

I'll be healing on my cleric, Helja Huffinuff with a bit of D&D tonight, so I'm pretty pumped! Yay Fridays...
5 Responses
  1. Grimmtooth Says:

    I can't confirm the pet thing, but I kinda hope it's true since that more or less defangs the whole "omg micro-transactions are killing mah game!" argument. If they don't count towards the achievement, then they become what all of them should be - just a fun bit of fluff, nothing more.

  2. Vok Says:

    In regards to the Resto shammy, personally, I'd rather we where just left alone. I like where we are at atm, and if something gets buffed, it means the next patch something gets nerfed. Ain't broke, don't fix

  3. vok Says:

    Aaaaaaaaand - the pet do count. Just checked on my alt.

  4. Castassia Says:

    Yes the pets count. They got me up to 74 pets after I got them.

  5. Fuu Says:

    I saw you Rollin your dice, killin some newbs with mad style. Btw, our stratigo game was intense

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