Philosophy Yes!
Alright, who's buying me this?

World of Warcraft and Philosophy

From Amazon:
Inevitably, such a cultural phenomenon triggers deeper questions. When does an assumed identity become real? Does the Corrupted Blood epidemic warn us of future public health catastrophes? What are the dangers when real life is invaded by events in the game? What can our own world learn from Azeroth’s blend of primitivism and high-tech? In these lively essays, a specially commissioned guild of philosophers, including Yara Mitsuishi, Monica Evans, Tim Christopher, and Anna Janssen, tackles these and other complex questions arising from WoW.

This is so far up my alley I feel a little dirty. WANT.
2 Responses
  1. Zigi Says:

    Hehe, I'm just surprised that it's not offered on the Kindle. You'd think that the nerds that play wow and philosophize would also be the nerds that own an e-book reader.

    It makes me feel old that I actually remember the Corrupted Blood epidemic when it was happening.

  2. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Very intersting.

    I think I'll have to check it out as well. I've always found the wow-mmo scene and how it reflects 'RL' to be fascinating.

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