Healing Survey Update
So, the healing survey is still growing. In case you thought I just posted the questions, and let people go to town on their own blogs, I thought I would make a little post to let you know what I'm doing with mah baby.

Though I stated repeatedly that I would only include people on the list if they left me a comment... well, I'm a little too OCD to actually follow through on that. While it definitely HELPS if people leave a comment, I have been expending a lot of effort in tracking down any responses I can find to it, and linking to them. Obviously, if the responses are on a guild forum, this isn't something I can easily do - especially since about 2/3 of the guild forums that link to Circle of Healers are in a foreign language (why doesn't anyone post in Latin? Oh that's right, because I wasted 7 years of my life learning it!).

Llyra over at Healing Way finally posted her own response to the questions, and noted at the end of the survey that she suspected there were lots of foreign translations as well. This is absolutely true. I have linked to two foreign translations on the list (Finnish and French), but if there are other translations, I am still in the process of tracking them down. (I also just noticed that the French Proprieter over at wowfrostmage has linked to several French responses for me... merci beaucoup! ::did i spell that right?::)

There is also an interesting little IP that has been going through all the responses from a nice little place in California called Irvine. Read into that what you will.

So what do I intend to DO with all these responses? After all, didn't I promise to "analyze teh dataz"?

This has proven to be a lot more difficult and tedious than I originally hoped (also, when I posted it, I had no idea it would get to be so big), but rest assured, I AM trying to assemble all the information. In a spreadsheet. Nomnomnom <3 spreadsheets. Sans the foreign language versions, sadly. :(

After Bobturkey returned from vacation and made his response (which I had been gleefully waiting for, since I knew his responses would be very interesting), I finally began assembling the answers. I have not even finished with Holy Priests yet, it is just that time consuming. Lest you think that everyone and their great grandchildren has completed the survey by now, I still have a handful of people respond every day - and it's gone outside of the WoW blogging sphere, and into Livejournal, and even a blogger from a newspaper - which confused me a bit, but I'm just gonna go with it.

How have I been tracking responses?

  • Through comments directly left on my blog.
  • Through direct emails (to those of you who have emailed me, I did not respond via email, but I am including them)
  • Through traffic coming from the blogs who posted the responses and linked back to my page
  • When someone is tagged, I've been monitoring their blog to see if and when they respond.
  • Through comments left on other people's responses on their own blogs
And so on and so forth. As you can see, I've been keeping myself pretty busy trying to keep track of all the responses! Only about half of the survey responses are directly linked on my Circle of Healers page, because a lot of the responses had no way I could link to them. In addition, there were likely quite a few responses made from people in the days immediately following the WoW Insider link that did not leave comments for me - Sadly, I'm afraid I may not be able to find those responses unless those folks generate traffic back to my site, because the WoW.com traffic flooded my logs!

In essence, I have no idea when I will be able to post the results. I will continue working on it, and posting about any significant progress, but it may be awhile. Truth be told, however, diffusing all the survey responses down to something that can be mathematically analyzed will strip a lot of the awesomeness from the responses. For instance, here are some gems from Tamarind at Righteous Orbs's responses that wouldn't show up in the charts and graphs that will result from the survey, and definitely deserve notice:

"It’s the good kind of pressure, like a slightly over-weight cat purring on your chest."
regarding Divine Hymn:
"Also it’s just got a rubbish name. This is a fucking battle, no time for singing!"
regarding MT healing:
"It’s not even proper whack-a-mole, it’s simply a direct transfer of the contents of your blue bar into their diminishing green bar, like you’re some kind of perpetual human health funnel. "

I mean, c'mon. Beat that. THIS IS NO TIME FOR BLOODY SINGING
10 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    About the traffic coming in about the survey, I am not positive that its going on mine, or probably its just me... how do i check this? if someone may know please help me know where to? jess? I know this is somewhat like the trackback, backlink right? >.< you see until now im still trying to figure that as well.

    But anyway, the response from my guild from both the holy priest and shammy ele i will email this to you jess coz its kinda long if i reply it here. later hon! <3

  2. Anonymous Says:

    already I sent it through your gmail email add jess. and edit its from resto shammy and holy priest. not ele shammy LOLx. sorry >.<

  3. japj Says:

    I still need to read all the answers and come up with some of my own aswell (haven't blogged in a long time).

    I'm wondering, are there any people who have multiple healers and filled in the survey?

    I personally have 3 lvl 80 (mainspec) healers: a disc priest, resto shaman and (recently also) a resto druid.

  4. Jessabelle Says:


    inorite? I think I have a crush.


    yup! For ease of organization, I put those who responded with multiple beakers at the end of the list, under the header "overachievers" or somethig like that heh

  5. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I have a crush on the Tamster too if it weren't already obvious... :)

    But I think I have a crush On Miss Medecina as well!

    BTW, attempting to analyze the data is very interesting and something I'd be willing to help with if you like, but really, just seeing the responses and reading the posts has been a pleasure!

  6. Fulguralis Says:

    Hmm, bloody singing? Sounds like warlock choir practice.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, oh, Tama's response has given me an idea.

    Why don't you like one post epr question listing all the responses? Then ppl could read what every says on a particular issue/question.

    @Christina, look at your blogs web stats and look for "Referers" you should see Miss Medicina's blog listed there somewhere.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I defy statistics with my long-winded prose!

    I'm still a bit bewildered at the sheer scope of the healing non-meme (a nome?) - you must be completely rushed off your feet. It makes for fascinating reading and I've discovered a tonne of brilliant new blogs so I, and the blogsphere in general, owe you hearty thankage.

    I notice tanks have also leapt on the nome bandwagon and those other guys ... oh what do you call them ... they stand in fire a lot ... yes ... DPS!

  9. Saunder Says:

    My suggestion - find one willing blogger from the list or outside it for each class and get them to analyse the class responses. I'd be happy to do that for the Pally contingent if you want a hand, just drop me a line with what you are doing for the priesties ;)

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