Faction Champs EZ Guide for the non PvP Holy Priest
For all you holy priests who say LOLWUT to PvP like myself, you may find the Faction Champs particularly difficult. Here are some simple tips that may or may not help you. I don't actually know, but hey, I DIDN'T DIE (nor did anyone else).

  • Put on your DPS gear (assuming you have no PvP gear). The hit rating comes in handy. Or at least, put some hit stuff on, somewhere, but your spec can remain the same.
  • If you have a resto shammy, ask for Earth Shield - it's quite possible this is the only reason I survived.
  • When things come at you, net.
  • When things come at you, and you can't net, run.
  • When things come at you, and you can't net or run, FEAR.
  • If there are three healers, you can probably just spend your time casting Mass Dispel the whole time.

Or, respec Disc. Teh End.
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  1. Juzaba Says:

    I find it very effective to run laps around the middle of the arena. I position myself somewhere between the wall and the end of the star figure - about 2/3 of the radius out starting from the center - and then strafe in a giant circle. Advantages include:

    1) Always moving. This is a must.

    2) You're always in range of the center of the arena, which is usually where the action is and usually where you need to toss your Mass Dispels. If the action shifts away from the middle, adjust your lap pattern.

    3) By always facing the middle, you're often able to see when a bad guy wants to come shiv you.

    4) You have a very short run if you need to move to the middle and fearbomb.

    5) You have a very short run if you need to turn around and leg it to the walls.

    6) Running in circles is Imba.

  2. @Juzaba

    I love tips on how to run properly. Normally I would scoff, but during faction champs, I really do feel the desperate need to run away... for like ever.

  3. Fuubaar Says:

    Question for Priests during this fight,

    Can you Mind Control? If so, that would totally be OP. MC one of the healers & heal your own team.

    has anyone ever tried this?

  4. @Fuubaar

    IIRC, they are all immune to MC. Sad face.

  5. Fuubaar Says:

    That is BS!

    I wanna MC one of those people. Hell, Have 6 Priests run in, MC their Targets and Watch the evil joy of NPCs killing themselves.

    That is a total sad face moment.

  6. Erinys Says:

    Fade is a really useful tool here as is shadowmeld (finally vindication for rolling a nightelf priest all those years ago :p).

    Ask any of your nice prot warriors for vigilance if you don't have a prot paladin/disc priest in the raid group as well. On the normal version, where taunt works, its worth having vigilance even if you have the paladin/disc priest so they can keep taunting stuff off you.

    I'm in the "running in circles is imba" camp for sure. This is my favourite fight in the whole instance, probably because of all the running.

  7. And here I thought my strategy of running like a chicken and spamming mass dispel and CoH was just lucky insanity.

    I usually throw in some jumping while running because that increases crit chance by 2%. Heh!

  8. Zan Says:

    If you have a holy paladin in your raid ask them to "bacon" (beacon of light) you. This means every heal the holy paladin casts on anyone (but you)) will be copied to you.

    This may not be a lot, but one holy shock cast on someone else at a pinch might also save you.

    You can and should use fade as much as possible, it will cause whatever is pursuing you to drop agro and go somewhere else.

  9. Jesse Says:

    You say to go heavy on mass dispel. That's not bad, but mindlessly mass dispelling may not be the best move. I tend to dispel like so:

    1) I focus on defensive dispels. If only one person needs a dispel, I just hit them. If two or more need one and I can tell they're near each other, THEN I use a mass dispel. CC'rs need to be dispelled before DPS'rs, or thier target will go wild. Also, I keep a priority up - polymorphs need to go first, then dispellable stuns, then fears, then immobilizing effects.

    2) I do single-target offensive dispels on the current kill target only. While removing a debuff from a dps enemy may be helpful, they're harder to hit, and likely to be re-applied. Single target dispelling removes two buffs at a go, and the kill target needs to have no survivability buffs or HoTs to go down as fast as possible.

    3) Only if nobody needs heals or dispels in the next second, and the kill-target is fully dispelled, I look around for a big group of enemies to drop the mass dispel.

    TLDR: Mass dispelling is handy, but with a little situational awareness, single dispelling on the right targets can be a lot more effective.

  10. sarah Says:

    I've found that i pull pvp threat a lot faster if i'm mass dispelling... when i single target dispel i can go for quite a while before i draw attention to myself.

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