I'm Thankful... I live across the country.
Ah yes. Family visits. I find myself going to bed about 4 hours earlier than usual, and waking up about 4 hours earlier than usual... and sneaking open my laptop to get in some nice early morning daily grinding. And then finding out that my mother has insomnia. That's not so bad though, it's better to spend some one on one time with my mother than play WoW of course.

My sister has already teased me about 5 times regarding my love of world of warcraft.

"So Jessica, still playing warcraft?" Me -> eyeroll.
"Oh see, she's so over that. Thank God." ::headdesk::

"So Jessica, have you finally stopped playing that stupid game?" "Oh I don't know, have you finally stopped being a self-absorbed nosy shrew?" Pandemonium.

Me laughing non-stop at Tam's uneasiness towards "Pants of the Soothing Touch"... Five people around the table: "Jessie, what's so funny?".. me -> "Uhm. Funny British guy. He said bollucks. Bollucks are funny?" The rest of my family smiles and nods, and begins a conversation about how they don't really understand British humor anyway.

So ready to go home. Between dodging conversations with my sister who is apparently deaf due to long extended periods of hearing her own obnoxiously loud voice, three younger cousins chasing me around to play on my iPhone and then requesting I lend my expertise towards Hangman, my brother groping my ass and then being shocked when he realizes it's his sister's ass he's been grabbing (have another beer, bro!), and my father watching football at truly dangerous volumes while snoring away... I completely lost the point of this post. I think I was just ranting non-sensically. I suppose all those idiosyncracies of family is what makes them great. I am glad my family isn't boring. I do wish I could share with them my hobbies and make them understand, however.

Hope everyone else who celebrates had a Happy Thanksgiving!

And for those of you who aren't American... you can be thankful you aren't stuck with family for thanksgiving ;) (Disclaimer: I really actually DO love my family!)

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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    belated happy thanksgiving jess, but funny how you said about your sister asking you "if you still play about the stupid game" and your dodging her... but glad you got some sleep, but sorry to hear about your mom about being insomnia. well i think i have that problem too and seems i am always awake and can't sleep, my sleeping habits is really bad, since i came to iowa that is because i work overnights(probably just got used too >.<)

    American Traditions for thanksgiving is always nice and see families come together. but back home where i am originally at, we dont celebrate thanksgiving. but our christmas sure is early and last longer than here though. lolx and if your wondering where i am from, my home country is in asia (philippines.)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    *Imagines groping his sisters bottom* Creepy...

    My best mate, who is fairly nerdy, thinks its wierd that I blog about the game. I just behave as if its normal and everyone gets gets over it pretty fast.

    Same for roleplaying.

    Gobble gobble

  3. Nymarie Says:

    I had to work Thanksgiving MWAHAHAH. Okay sorry, had to flaunt. However, I just posted about Thanksgiving and holidays in general and, hun, I feel your pain.

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